The TRANS-INT project offers a unique opportunity to access specialised training in the field of nanomedicine delivery. The teaching staff is composed both of academic leaders and senior company scientist from the private sector.



The training programme comprises three major activities:

  • A modular programme in nanomedicine
  • Innovative debating schools
  • An exchange training programme

In order to help produce new generation of young European pharmaceutical scientists with the adequate skills, TRANS-INT will seek leverage involvement with other European innitiatives as the Erasmus Mundus NanoFar and the COST Action TD1004 on Therasnostic and Imaging Therapy.


You can find more about the different training modules to be offered by TRANS-INT in the links below as soon as they become available.


Advanced experimental models and proteomics in nanomedicine and molecular medicine course:   15-16 November 2016

Online availability via: